Terms and Conditions



  • All of our estimates are subject to a previous inspection, the price may change or the service could be canceled if the property (house, apartment, condo, town house, office) is not in the conditions previously described by the customer or if the property has not been cleaned regularly.

Home entry and considerations

  • The customer could welcome our staff at the door, give the entry key to the cleaner or leave the door unlocked (under customer consent). 
  • Our company does not take responsibility for unsatisfied work if there was no initial inspection to the areas to be performed as well as a final inspection of the job according to the work order. 
  • MCA Professional Cleaning is not liable for any kind of damage or losses occurred after the staff leaves​ the premises if the customer is not present.


  • MCA Professional Cleaning accepts payments in cash only.
  • Checks are accepted after the first service.

Service Restrictions

  • We do not climb higher than 3-step ladders, for higher places we use an extension duster. 
  • We cannot move or carry furniture, appliances and objects that weight over 15 lbs.
  • If the property has areas considered hazardous or contaminant for the employee’s health, such areas will not be cleaned (cat litter boxes, animal excrement, etc.) 
  • Window cleanings are inside only.
  • Some damaged or deep stained areas will most likely need special treatment, restoration or painting that is not provided by our company.

<img src="Vacuum" alt="Vacuuming Carpet" />
<img src="Cleaning Spray" alt="Cleaning Spray" />


  • For your own safety, store your personal valuable belongings in a safe place. 
  • MCA Professional Cleaning is not liable for any damage occurred to valuable items or priced possessions requested to be cleaned by the customer.


  • The customer must provide necessary commodities like water, electricity and free access to work areas. 
  • We suggest that for a better cleaning, have any items on the floor picked up as much as possible. 
  • For the safety of your pets, keep all furry friends in a safe place throughout the duration of the cleaning.

Our Guarantee

  • Our staff is properly trained to provide the best service while taking care of your home.
  • Our cleaning products are safe for people, animals, furniture, appliances and your home as a whole. 
  • For your convenience, when the work is over, please check the areas cleaned with our staff to make sureyou are satisfied with the service because we are a complaint-free business and we take pride in our work. 

Employee Solicitation

  • If the customer, for any home related service, wishes to hire any staff member of MCA Professional Cleaning, the solicitor will be charged with a training fee of $1,000 payed immediately, and the employee(s) will be terminated.